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Survey of Research Methods Analysis

This assignment requires that you use your accumulated knowledge about the elements of research. In this final project, you will create a proposal for how you might study the topic selected for this quarter, either qualitatively or quantitative.

I WOULD LIKE TO CHOOSE QUANTITATIVE. The research topic must be related to online learning based off the articles provided for the class, please review announcements section.

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Survey of Research Methods Analysis
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A PowerPoint template has been provided for you to outline your ideas. Each slide has a major heading that focuses on the given research component. The major headings are accompanied by subheadings that signal the main points to be addressed. As this is a PowerPoint presentation, you are not asked to provide a full narrative, but rather clear and concise bullet points in brief sentence style, demonstrating your understanding of each aspect of the plan. Please use accurate APA style and format for this assignment including citations and references. Detailed instructions for this assignment are embedded in the PowerPoint template. Please follow the instructions and remove the instructions from the final assignment submission.



Survey of Research Methods Group Study Session


6:00 pm


Brianna McCartney, PhD- Assistant Instructor

Rebecca Caviness, PhD-

Assistant Instructor

Candace Murray, PhD- Assistant Instructor


Angela Bruch, PhD-

Lead Instructor






























































































































Survey of Research Methods Inclusive Learning Space

Our intention :

To create an inclusive learning environment where all learners with different experiences and backgrounds can perform to their full capacity.

To welcome diverse critical thinking, insight, and innovation as learners progress through the course.

To affirm and acknowledge the importance of diversity by celebrating the inclusion of culture, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual beliefs, disability, age, socioeconomic status, nationality, and language ability.

To serve our learners with equitable resources that embrace all types of learning styles.

We ask every learner to maintain the highest level of accountability for their actions by striving for the utmost respect and professionalism in every spoken and/or written word in the Survey of Research Methods course.















































































Welcome & ”House-keeping” items

Expectations for final assignment

Quantitative template

Qualitative template

Session summary

– Next session

– Q&A













































































Housekeeping Items

Academic integrity (and we know this may not apply to you). Please do your own work using the articles we’ve assigned for this quarter.

Finding and reading your assignment feedback (and sadly, using your phone typically isn’t viable)…some data suggests only 30% of learners read feedback provided on assignments.

Reminder: Qualitative versus Quantitative. An oversimplification:

– Qualitative research focuses on experiences of participants based on data collected via interviews

– Quantitative research focuses on statistical relationships between/among variables based on data collected from participants(often via survey/tests/measurements)














































































Qualitative Research Question:


Ex: What are frontline employee’s experiences with emotional labor?

Ex: How do retired people with a part-time job describe the value of their work?

Be sure to focus on only ONE experience, phenomenon, event.

Do not compare two groups.

Key words: Experience, lived experience, personal experience, perception, describe, understand


Quantitative Research Question:


Ex: Does emotional labor predict level of worker engagement in frontline employees?

Ex: Is there a difference between retired people with a part-time job and those with no job on a measure of overall life satisfaction and a measure of thriving?

Be sure to focus on comparing two or more groups or predicting an outcome.

Key words: Relationship, compare, predict, correlation, impact/influence














































































Final Assignment Expectations

1. Choose either the qualitative template OR the quantitative template (Only choose one, NOT both—and no mixed methods, please) –Do not create your own slide deck—please use the one we’ve provided.

2. Provide enough detail for clarity in a sentence outline format.

3. You will need in-text citations in every slide and formal APA style references. For this assignment, some citations may be parenthetical (like we’ve used in u03a1 and u06a1) or narrative. Be sure to review style rules for narrative citations. They should look like this: In a study by Hernandez Gonzalez and Blackford (2020), online learning graduate students described…

4. Choose a sub-topic within the broader topic of online learning.


-Okay to use recent articles from the Week 3 and 6 Assignments (however many you may need for your proposed study) and at least two more articles based on the focal topic.

-Please do not use graphics or figures or charts.

-The purpose of this assignment is to make sure that you understand the concept of a research proposal and the different components of a research proposal.

-Do not add references you do not formally cite in your PowerPoint outline (that would not be in compliance with the APA style rules). 

-Use future tense because you are proposing a study.

-Do NOT erase the sub-headings we have provided.

Please read the instructions for each element of the study embedded in the templates.













































































Final Assignment Expectations Continued

-This assignment is a hypothetical research proposal you are designing about online learning.

-This assignment is not a review of a current study or article. Please do not turn one of the articles we’ve read for class—or any other article—into a proposal.

-This assignment should be written in future tense (as it has not happened yet)…worth repeating this point. 

-This assignment requires cited support using in-text and parenthetical citations throughout the entire assignment…worth repeating this point also. 














































































If you submit your final assignment by Sunday June 4th (11:59 CST), then +5 points will be added to your assignment grade 

(The actual due date is Sunday June 11th)

*It is better to spend more time on the assignment and do good work than to rush for those five points…just sayin’.











































































Introduction: Title Page


Title must be about online learning


Multi7860 – Survey of Research Methods

Learner name



Title must be about online learning


Multi7860 – Survey of Research Methods

Learner name











































































Introduction: Statement of the Problem


A problem statement is a short, clear description of the topic/research problem to be researched. It sets up the context, relevance and aims of the project.

It should tell the audience a) what is already known about a topic/target population[with cited support], and b) what is unknown about a topic/target population [known as the gap in literature].



A problem statement is a short, clear explanation of the issue to be researched. It sets up the context, relevance and aims of the project.

You must have 2-3 references that are cited in this section.

This section must include at least 3-5 full sentences.












































































Introduction: Purpose of the Study


The purpose statement is meant to inform the audience of the purpose of the study. In every research study, the primary purpose is to answer the research question.

The language of the purpose statement should align with the research question.

The purpose statement for quantitative studies is on p.124 in the Creswell and Creswell (2018) text (This may help formulate your purpose, but you do not have to use it).



This section must describe what the study will do and should include the areas defined in the statement of the problem.

This section is to introduce your Research Question(s)

The qualitative purpose of the study can be found in the Creswell and Creswell (2018) textbook on page 119 (This can help you formulate the purpose, but you do not have to use).












































































Introduction: Research Question


Research question(s) and hypotheses

The research question should be based on the research problem. Quantitative research questions are specific questions that can be answered by conducting statistical analysis.

Quantitative research question key words: effect, affect, relationship, cause, difference, predict, correlate, etc.

The format for quantitative research questions is in the Creswell and Creswell (2018) text, p.137 (This may help formulate your RQ, but you do not have to use it).


Null: The null hypothesis states that there is NOT statistical significance between two variables.

Alternative: The alternative hypothesis states that there is a statistical significance among variables.

Both hypotheses should use identical language. The only word that should be different is the word “not”

Both hypotheses should be worded to align with research question(s).



The goal of the RQ is to ask it in a way that indicates the specific phenomenon, event, occurrence, or experience that you want to examine. This indicates a specific domain, population, and phenomenon.

The qualitative research question can be found in the Creswell and Creswell (2018) textbook on page 133 (This can help you formulate the RQ, but you do not have to use it).












































































Introduction: Theoretical Perspective (Quantitative) vs. Philosophical Worldview (Qualitative)


Theoretical Perspective (Theory)

Quantitative studies are developed based on a specific theory or theories [aka theoretical framework, theoretical lens, theoretical perspective].

This section should briefly identify the theory you have selected, describe the theory used for your proposal using cited support, and explain how it is relevant to the research problem/question/purpose.


Philosophical Worldview

Need to discuss one of the worldviews that we discussed in Week 1 (Postpositivist worldview—which is used almost solely in quantitative research, constructivist worldview, transformative worldview, or pragmatic worldview)

Must identify why that worldview best aligns with your proposed study

Must have cited support.

Must be at least 3-5 sentences












































































Methods/Procedures: Types of Research Design (including on the Qualitative PPT, Role of the Researcher)


Use cited support for your choice of design

The three types of quantitative research designs are:

Experimental (random assignment and manipulated variable—very few studies in behavioral sciences use true experimental designs)

Quasi-experimental (no random assignment and manipulated variable)

Nonexperimental (no random assignment and no manipulated variable—this is the most common design used in studying FGCS quantitatively)



Need to choose one of the qualitative designs we have learned about this quarter (generic qualitative inquiry, grounded theory, phenomenology, narrative, ethnography, or case study)

Must discuss why the qualitative design best aligns with your proposed study, along with cited support.

Must be at least 3-5 sentences

Role of the researcher

Need to discuss the role of the researcher, specifically in qualitative research (see page 183 of Creswell and Creswell (2018)).

Must have cited support

Must be at least 3-5 sentences













































































Methods/Procedures: Population, Sample, and Participants


Population consists of the entire population (e.g., every graduate student in an online program)

Sample consists of a smaller number of participants from the population (e.g., graduate students at Capella enrolled in an online program) [sample = N]

Participants should describe the inclusion/exclusion criteria for the sample (e.g., must be 18 years of age, currently enrolled in an online program)



Must describe the population (Entire group that you want to draw conclusions about)

Must describe the sample (Specific group that you will collect data)

Must describe the participants (Who, how many, where from)












































































Methods/Procedures: Quantitative PPT (Data Collection Instruments, Variables, and Measurements) vs. Qualitative PPT (Strategies of Validating Findings)


Data Collection Instruments, Variables, and Measurements

Data collection instruments are the actual instruments used to measure a construct (e.g., the Grit Scale to measure grit)

Variables consist of the independent and dependent variables. These should be labeled as IV= and DV=. See page 51 in Creswell and Creswell (2018) for guidance. Being a graduate learner is not an IV—it is being a human being. People are not variables. Language usage counts for this section of the proposal.  Educational status (e.g. Online learning or in-person learning) is an IV, however.

Materials can consist of any materials you may have created or used in the data collection process (e.g., a survey, demographics questionnaire, etc.)



Strategies of Validating Findings

Please look in your Creswell and Creswell textbook for these strategies

Must have cited support

Must be at least 3-5 sentences












































































Methods/Procedures: Data Collection Procedures


This section should describe how you collected the data (e.g., mailed out surveys, online surveys, etc.)

Must have cited support

Must be at least 3-5 sentences




Must describe how data will be collected (interviews, focus groups, or observations)

This includes how long procedures would take, how the procedures would be conducted (in-person/video call), etc.

Must have cited support

Must be at least 3-5 sentences












































































Methods/Procedures: Data Analysis Procedures


This section should describe how you statistically analyzed the data to answer the research question (e.g., ANOVA, multiple regression, t-test, etc.) Use cited support for your choice. See table on p. 159 in the Creswell and Creswell (2018) text for help in choosing your data analysis procedure.



Need to describe the type and steps of data analysis to be used (such as inductive thematic analysis)

Must have cited support

Must be at least 3-5 sentences












































































Methods/Procedures: Anticipated Ethical Issues


Use cited support from the Belmont Report and APA Code of Ethics or the Creswell and Creswell (2018) textbook.




IRB approval?

Informed consent?

Every study with human participants has ethical considerations. Please do not write “There are no ethical considerations.”



Must include informed consent, IRB approval, protection of the participants, etc.

Must have cited support from the textbook, the APA, and/or The Belmont Report

Must be at least 3-5 sentences












































































Expected Findings


The expected findings slide should consist of what you, as the researcher, expect to find from this study based on prior research from a similar topic that you cite formally.

This slide should include a thorough paragraph (4-5 sentences) or related bullet points with cited support from at least 3-5 peer-reviewed articles.

This section should include: a) what other researchers have found regarding your topic or a similar topic, and b) what you expect to find based on those previous findings.

Remember this proposal outline is hypothetical, so this section (and all others) should be written in future tense.



This section entails findings from past research that are similar to your proposed study and what you may expect to find from your data if the study was conducted.

Must have cited support from 3-5 of those studies.

Must be at least 3-5 sentences.












































































References (for Quantitative AND Qualitative PPT)

Need to have a minimum of 4 references (not including the Creswell textbook)

Must be in correct APA 7th Edition formatting

If you have a reference listed, then you must have cited it in your assignment to be compliant with APA format rules 

APA style and formatting is heavily weighted in this assignment

We will not deduct points for the hanging indent because PowerPoint sometimes will not let you indent-grrrrr, but remember this is an important part of APA style for other academic work you do at CU.













































































In the past we have had learners ‘short change’ this assignment to hurry and turn the assignment in early to receive the extra credit points. We would rather you do the assignment correctly than hurry and turn your assignment in just to get those extra credit points.

For each assignment in our class, the grading has grown a bit more rigorous—especially for APA style and format. This is the third and final assignment and grading on this assignment is the most rigorous. There is only one chance to do each assignment in our class. Please note that assignments will be graded at the non-performance level (or with a high deduction in points) if they:

Are about a study that has already been conducted (e.g. the proposal is a rehash of an existing study)

Are not about the overall topic (or population of those in) online learning

Do not have any or substantial cited support throughout the entire assignment

References don’t work great in PPT for hanging indentation so we only grade all other elements of accurate formatting for APA style references.


***This assignment is worth 25% of your total grade***













































































Graders for the final assignment

If you find you need anything as you are working on the final assignment, please feel free to reach out to the instructor grading your work.  [email protected]

A – E: Dr. Bri McCartney

F – He: Dr. Angela Bruch

Hi – O: Dr. Candace Murray

P – Z: Dr. Rebecca Caviness












































































Remaining Group Study Sessions

Thursday, June 8th

@ 6:00 PM Central

Role of the Researcher

with Guest Speakers

(We will NOT have a live

session or office hours

during Week 10)














































































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